From the Man in a Mask

While this is only one of several letters set to those who claim to investigate attemps to have me shut up or locked up
I do not have the time to tell, While I was Raped from the Age of about 5 to 12 these matters I have never rased but I do still remember there names that I will take to my grave.

IT has been said Truth is stranger than fiction
Who is able to murder in a clandestine Covert way
The ones who know they can cover up and conceal the real evidence and vanish like a Ghost right away.So who are these silent killers are they hired hitmen or even more sinister and secret they can never be caught or discovered they are the best of the best well trained in the art of deceiving cunning stratages and covert operations While those in power know the real story behind Why the brave mother of two had to be murdered they know who murdered Corryn Rayney and the lawyers Attorney General Commissioners And Chiefs as Well its Shamefull to even contemplate its difficult to tell While my life has been threated with several attempts as well they left me on the streets penny less and confused While I only attempted to tell the true what I did see with my own eyes what I heard with my own ears what this people did to me was a mystery for some time but with hine sight one can stat to connect the dots and a web of deceit is revealed but who are the ones who concoct these devilish clandestine acts its those you would least expect as I found out the hard way so to speak The Murder and why it was don it beyond most peoples imagination it has been a Tatanic Cover up one day soon I hope will be revealed who realy gave the orders and why did Corryn have to be silence is a issue we have a right to know So this is the type of persons you realy don’t want to know Sadly for me I have 3 in my own family .as this is how they are trained being a medic and acting chaplain in the army some times they wanted to talk . The Definition of the Job description you can read in a dictionary. But the Enemy is the issue hear to expose those in attority of massive corruption of billions can make a innocent persons like Corryn and myself threat that needs to be removed.

Websters Universal DICTINARY The Queens Scouts Military
To spy on the enemy wise discriminatating prudent to disern perceive investigate examine evidance secretly carfully to make clandestin investigative explore spy out the land keep secret examine closely and secratly to watch observe enemys speech conduct actions obtain hidden information secret information preparation for military preparations invassion poliical advantage and intentions to render or preparative to render obsolete to prowl.

if exposed Dismise angarly ,by scowling accues taunt dismiss as foolish rejest with distain to mock flount to treat of obsurd lie hid star with lowered brows to frown scowl look angrely sullen glance draw into vurbal confrontations to distrack to other issues creat comfusion.

espionage to practic art of spying the system of employing spys to observe and report on that what is being said and don by individuals or groups systematicly used by means of goverment by political and or military secrets of the other nation claiming soverienty while under the rule colonised military rule where royalties taxes payed for protective services rendered welfare duty of care .

To divide apart to separate to lead astray to corrupt debauch to persuade to entice away from virtue and good conduct to seduce a person from loyalty to pasuade to charm entice haveing being trained in the act of suductiive seducments by blandishment temptation allurment of gifts wealth to create discord to incite others to hostility ill will or disafestion create public commotion within group .or nation



Evan the Govenor of Australia is some what concerned

Mark Fraser LVO OAM
Official Secretary to the Governor-General Commandor of the Queens Chief of queen Chiefs and Queens Scouts
Honourabel Baden Powell followers Click on the link if you are a free thinks As history tells its the victors who get to wright the story but with hine sight Who was right in there motive who took with out asking.
Concur Time date stamped electronicaly
Time when written #####
Day Month Years ######### A.D.
Sent to The United Nation
International World Court of Justice
Presedent Commandor Chief Queen Scout of Scouts
His Exellencey The Honourable (G.G.) Govenor General
The Knighted Knight Holding the ORDERS of Australia pty ltd
Sir Peter Cosgroves (L.G.)
To be Hand delivered and sent by HMS mail Service and via internet
as to confirm time date stamp.
To: Anomymous Queens Scouts Spys assassin’s
Address confirmed by the Australian Taxation office Box Hill Tuart Hill Cambera ACT
That persons of interest who With out concent or knowledge changed a Trust Alan HAMER
into a Partnership with no thought or concideration for the trustee. Who then attempted to set up for the Cllandestine murders of Clive G Stokes ,Corryn Rayney ,that could also be connected with the suspitious deaths of Alan Hamers God Father , Alan Hamers Father Dougalas Hamer, Alan Hamers Step Farther Harvey Kenyon, and Friend Martin Broadbent
Information given to and taken with out asking by Mattew Robert Fowler Queen Scout BSc
as others as stated below.
16a First St
16A WrexHAM st
Bicton W.A.
The Wales Family your agent numbers if required please ask and will be forwarded
With the information of at least 89 CORPORATIONS Taken from the Body Deed Trustee gold estate superannuation
Alan Hamer the man in a body who is not a John Doe and still has the pending federal warrant some one placed on him . We are Friends of Alan not his foe’s. as you know.
Issues in need of investigation Titanic Clendestine Covert Cover up of Murders by accused agents with possible conections with Australian ADR and UK SO-14
Notice to be noticed and recorded . Firstly Greating and Doxology Mr Rober Harry Wales ,as you need to be fully informed now its time as you are aware your disgraceful diplomatic regicidel orders and deceptive words of the spelian ,spillikin does not exempt . Your droconian affinities ,deeds done are noted .Not a ment state Act.
Own and controled by a alien state ACT , Habeas Corpus (legel) Corporate person Fiction . Lore is truth Hammurabi Code the cloke of aka Queens Scout (Spy) has transmitted and been revealed by Noble Sovereign Sionx chief. Mr Wales you have murdered and spilled inocent blood and took with out asking and accused a inocent man with your devilish clendestine plan while it may be stated by those within the family. Freamsosn family fund pty ltd with the members commissionor and Chief Queens scout at the ready to conceal and burn to evidance of the murders of imformant Corryn Rayney ,and others you did have a hand in the prowling plotting. as they all know now its time to stand down NOW you and your friends holding orders its a attoinment you all need now if you have ears to hear you will know my wet ink words on paper is only a part of a Tatanic issues soon to be exposed.
Regards The Watcher Florance Nightingale Friend of Mr Hamer

One thought on “Corryn Rayney killer’s

  1. Corryn Rayneys Murder and Body Parts found

    Words written by Alan Hamer
    The People suffer with out Truth and Justice ,Truth always Welcomes Clear and Transparent Investigation ,No one is above Law & Justice ,We are accountable for our Actions & Deeds.
    This is a factual as the evidence indicates some are able to cover up Titanic Clandestine Covert Crimes and place the evidence on the Keys Witness Whistle Blower’s They did Set up to be silenced Killed and Then Accused of Clandestine Crimes The Dead can not defend them selves ,But the unexpected happened and the perfect crime fell apart at the last minutes , Year’s of Cunning planning and Stitching Up with Evidance placed by those Who know and trained in the Art of Setting up others for Repundant Covert Crimes motivated by greed and power . This is a True accurate account of years of silent watching waiting and following the money trail that lead right to the Killers Homes.
    After exposing this Evil Nests ,of Assassins Who are very professional and protected by those who give…. THE ORDERS . The Orders to Silence no matter who the cost ..The Key Wittness ,Several attemps to murder and burry with prolong carictor assasinations Striped of all funds and on the run for several years Hiding in The Australian Out Back ,Living with the Black Fellows ,being renamed by Chiefs and Elders and at other times living on the streets at times refused welfare .
    Know by Some as The Man in The MASK with several different MASKS . Because I know Who and Why Corryn Rayney was Murdered
    Who & Why was never to be known ,the real killers was never to be exposed because this would shock the system to the core ….. . I Alan Hamer was The first Person to turn up at Corryn Rayneys Grave site Very early that morning in W.A. Perth Kings Park in Aug 2007 it was a Very Strange Clandestine Grave site …the media was not informed and never reported as to the true nature and strange issues about the grave site that to this day left me complexed and confused and unable to understand what had realy taken place this was not a normal grave site .
    But it was confirmed latter it was where the murdered body of a Mother of two Who had worked at the Supream Hight Court and Probate Court of Western Australia The Lawyers Body of the late Brave Corryn Rayney ,Who could of been the very person who rang me to inform as to what was realy going on regarding secret trust’s and body deeds and superannuation funds that was never to see the light of day as Quoted by Barry at the Probate office ,who’s clerk warned about a secret group and days latter I received a text message …(Attorney General)
    Latter boxes of information ,birth certificates ,death certificates ,ABN’s ACN’s hundreds of secret accounts held within in The Australian Reverve Bank of Australia Held in The ASIC recievers and collectors accounts given a vast amount of names phone numbers rego numbers of people it seems being bribed or blackmailed by elite members of a diplomatic secret group I now believe is call (The Family ) membership involved Chief Queen Scouts ,Federal & State ministers ,High Court Judges, Corps of Commissioners, Supreem Court Registerors (Lawyers) ASIC accountants & A.T.O Agents , Australian Custom investigators, & ADR Australian Defence force Officers and Church Ministers, with thousands of Accounts around Australia and South Africa , Islands.
    Body parts where found in and around the boxes of other victims ,Women’s Rings ,and other Jewlery, Mob phones , Vehicle Number Plates , Banking records of billions of Dollars and 89 Corporations ,Photo’s of Dead Victims, Hundreds of Special Keys with numbers stamped on each key. All the information lead to a Address in Bicton W.A. The Officers who live at this address are the two that had me Drugged and Drove me in a White Commador to Corryn Rayneys grave site that morning. Where I find my stolen passports Australian & British Amex Gold Card and West Pac credit cards place near the grave site , What a member of my own family was seen stealing and latter again stolen by a Ex SAS ADR officers.
    I can only assume my personal information was placed at the site after The Killers had left the area . My Name is Alan Hamer some say I am Dislexic and to trusting but I am still alive . and would like to tell what They did to me in the Hope this will never happen to any one else It has been a difficult time however LQQKing back now it is my view things happen for a reason .
    Thank you for taking the time to read this far ,It is my deep concern that what has been don to others by these Agents ,Could Will be don again if not exposed.

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